Team Training/Small Groups/Private Training

At Higher Power Fitness we believe in training the whole person not just a body.  We customize your workout to meet your fitness goals.

Our first step is to meet for a FREE Fitness Consult.   This will be approx 30 minutes of 1 on 1 time with a Coach.

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Here is Information on what we offer and we will be using to customize your program:


We offer Team Training – normally known as Large Group Classes

Our classes consist of  the following:

  1. FOUNDATIONS– this is an ideal circuit for beginners as well as  a great place to start anyone who has c not trained in a while. In this session, we cover all of the basic movements that we feel are the essential building blocks for our program. There are 2-3 levels of progression for each movement. None of the levels exceed what we would describe as a beginner/intermediate level, however we are able to progress as needed to insure results.   . We perform a new Foundations program each week. We keep these programs consistent so that the Stability level client can ingrain the basic movement patterns, ultimately graduating to higher levels of exercise. This is where we help you master the exercise before progressing to a more advanced level.
  2.  AFTERBURN– this is our most advanced metabolic TT option.  There are three levels of movement. None of the levels are below what we would describe as intermediate/advanced level. These sessions are conducted in a wide manner of timed intervals, normally with a 2/1 work to rest ratio (20/10, 40/20 and etc.), but not always. The AB circuits change once a week. This is a great workout for fat loss and to increase your cardio endurance.
  3. INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH – this is the ideal TT option for those looking to build strength. While the work intervals are timed (normally 30 seconds or less), the emphasis should be placed on quality and increasing strength more-so than metabolic training. is strength training! You  can train metabolically with Afterburn and work on getting stronger with Industrial Strength (IS). Any level can do IS, but we would still advise at least 4 weeks of Foundations training for Stability level clients before they begin IS.
  4. VARIETY CLASSES – Zumba, Kick Boxing, Piyo Stretch, Saturday Workout, Stretch and Core.

We Offer Small Group Personal Training:

These dynamic 45 minute sessions are where you share the cost of a Personal Trainer with 2-4 other people.  The focus is on you and your goals with emphasis on “personalized”.  Your trainer will provide a quality program that compliments our Team Training Classes to give you the variety and results you are looking for.

We offer Private Personal Training:

These 30 minute sessions are totally focused on you and your results.  You and your trainer will work together to provide a world class program that will get you results.  Real results, the ones you have been hoping for only now they are a reality.  Sessions are primarily 30 minutes but can be 60 minutes as well.