Communication and Connection Matter

I had a tough week. Last Weekend my husband an I took a much needed break and went to Leavenworth, wa for the weekend. I wish I could say I disconnect daily from the studio and other activities but I’m guilty of being a 24/7 type of personality. Last Sunday my email was disconnected. My business email. My email with lots of info and contacts and “stuff” was no longer available. I panicked. What do I do now? How do I fix this? I reached out to those who had helped me with my website and email and after hitting the links provided when I tried to sign in, I found a 3rd party was actually in control of my email and they cancelled because the subscription was up.

Sounds simple right? WRONG!! I couldn’t renew because I no longer had a website with them. I couldn’t move it because it had been cancelled. The only way to communicate was by submitting an online ticket I hopes they would contact me back. I reached out to my webhosting provider and google. Both of which tied to help but couldn’t becaus it was up to the 3rd party to release my email account back to Google……

I sent countless emails and ticket submissions.. Their responses when they came were you can go online and cancel- it was already cancelled. Then it was let us know you want us to release it- which I told them yes release it. Finally Friday I submitted a ticket every hour in the hour for 8 hours straight – no response. This morning exactly 1 week later they released my account and I am back up in business.

I felt many things this week from hopeless, helpless, frustrated and angry to grateful. I became grateful to those who tried to help. Those who listened and those who cared. I felt like the company I was trying to reach didn’t care about me as a person let alone as a business. They had one of my avenues of connection gone. It didn’t matter to them. I was a number. I am nothing more that my subscription that I didn’t know was connected to them. They didn’t know who I was and they didn’t seem to care. There was no human factor.

That made me really stop and think. What do I value most? I value people. I value connecting with them. I value being present with them. I value listening to them.

My values had been ransacked this week. Not one of those things existed for me. Why does it matter? It matters because we are human “beings”. We are people with thoughts feelings and personalities. Connection forms at the time we are born and continues throughout our lives. We are not created to be alone or to face things alone. We are meant to connect. I believe that deep down in my soul. We need each other.

It doesn’t matter what we are facing or what is happening in our lives we need to know someone out there is listening and has our back. When it comes to our health and fitness, I believe that is the most important aspect. Connection- real purposeful connection. That was the first thing I found worked for me. Someone caring about me as a persons. What is was going through, my struggles and my successes. That’s what got my through and still gets me through the good and bad. I want someone to listen when I struggle. I want advice when I am unsure. I want someone to celebrate the “wins” in my life.

Just remember you matter. Find that “someone” who really supports you. I’m here if you want me to be your support.

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