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Higher Power Fitness


About Us

Fitness not only includes exercise but it includes the nutrition needed to fuel and provide for your body in a healthy way.  A body that is not healed will not sustain weight loss, will not perform optimally or allow you to feel your best. 

Do you see yourself with one or more of these symptoms: 

Gas, Bloating, Fatigue, Bowel Issues - Diahrrea and/or Constipation, Poor Sleep, Lose weight only to gain in back, achy joints and muscles, poor concentration or brain fog.

You may have a Leaky Gut.  Your gut bacteria may be out of balance and preventing your body from performing at it's best and you are experiencing one or more of the symptoms mentioned. 

I am here to help as a Hostic Gut Health Practitioner and Functional Nutrition Counselor - there is a better way. 

Exercise will support what you are trying to do but only when and what is appropriate for you. 

Would you like to explore "what's going on in there?" and take my 15 min Gut Health Questionnaire? 

Contact me and we will connect and get you going in the right direction.  End the kaos in your body once and for all. 


My Mission 

I believe everyone should have the opportunity to live a healthy and productive life free from pain and inflammation.  

I work with women 40 plus experiencing one or more of these symptoms: Gas, Bloating, Bowel Issues, Poor Sleep, 

Poor Energy, Poor Concentration, Unable to sustain weight loss to heal their body and end the kaos you are living with

by first healing your body and working together to find your personalized solution of nutrition and meaningful movement. 


Mobility, Flexibility and Low Impact 

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Healing the Gut Bacteria

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Personalized 1:1 Nutritition Course 

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Strength & Resistance Training

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Higher Power Fitness and Healing Gut Solution 

Discover the Secret to
Restoring Your Gut Health

Download Our Free Guide to Learn How You Can Find
Natural Relief in JUST 5 SIMPLE STEPS! 



I operate a small boutique fitness studio in a separate building at my Hermiston, Oregon home and also offer online options for workouts you can do anytime/anywhere that fits your schedule. I have been a NASM Certified Personal Trainer since 2013 and have helped hundreds of women just like you with meaningful movement to enhance your life and your goals - nothing crazy - just functional fitness to fit your everyday life.  

Healing Gut Solution is a 6 month course with 1:1 Coaching to help heal your body, end your pain and calm the Kaos you've been living with for far too long.  You have probably tried multiple solutions in your lifetime - let's do the last one you will every need to live your best life. 

Small Group Sessions

3-6 people

Semi Private

2 people

Healing Gut Solution 
OnLine Program to Heal Your Body and FINALLY get the results you want. 

Keep Your Body 

Take Care of your body. it is the only place you have, to live in!

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Why choose you

Most people have tried more than once to feel better. I offer a solution that includes safe movement and healing nutrition focused on healing the body from the inside.

I believe everyone should have the opportunity to live life on their terms. Being healthy and fit to do all the things they choose to do from climbing a mountain to getting on the floor and playing with the grandkids. I help people be confident in their ability to perform everyday tasks with ease

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